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Do you know what’s a pointless exercise? Doing one of those game-by-game season prediction things that the internet has coming out if its ears every September.

But I’m not doing this blog thing just to jot down my thoughts and inner most feelings of being a San Diego Chargers fan living in Ireland. I’m doing it to show my prowess at doing one of those game-by-game prediction yokes.

Or to become an object of ridicule maybe…

13/9 Detroit Lions (0-0)
A real sinking feeling about this one because the Lions have matchwinners and there’s little pressure on them, but I’ll go with a home victory… just.

20/9 @ Cincinnati Bengals (1-0)
I don’t think revenge will be on Bengals’ minds but predicting a come down for Chargers here.

27/9 @ Minnesota Vikings (1-1)
After getting torn apart for defeat in Cincy, Chargers get it right against Vikings. Their best performance of the early season.

4/10 Cleveland Browns (2-1)
Got to be a win. On paper it’s one of the easiest games of the whole season. Complacency could be an issue but Chargers have enough.

12/10 Pittsburgh Steelers (3-1)
Really looking forward to this one. But have a feeling Steelers’ offensive prowess could leave us reeling.

18/10 @ Green Bay Packers (3-2)
Another great game to get excited about but the Chargers’ defensive front would need to be at top level to even stand a chance. Can’t see it.

25/10 Oakland Raiders (3-3)
It’ll be tough coming off two successive defeats but this is a must-win. And will be.

1/11 @ Baltimore Ravens (4-3)
We had our fun last year, will be tough to turn it on again. Defeat leaves us at 4-4, which would be poor because there’s plenty of opportunities in the first half of season to post at least a winning record.

9/11 Chicago Bears (4-4)
If we’re to stand any playoff hopes this really needs to be a victory. Chargers to maintain inconsistent record with win.

15/11 Bye

22/11 Kansas City Chiefs (5-4)
Never like the sight of the Chiefs for some reason. I think confidence from the Bears win and recovery from bye week helps sees us over the line.

29/11 @ Jacksonville Jaguars (6-4)
Be interesting to see where the Jags are come November’s end. This would seriously need to be a victory in all fairness.

6/12 Denver Broncos (7-4)
A softish part of the schedule comes to an abrupt end here with Denver arriving. This is a make or break game for whole season. I think we come out on top here.

13/12 @ Kansas City Chiefs (8-4)
Five successive wins could be a stretch for us. Predicting a Chiefs retaliation here.

20/12 Miami Dolphins (8-5)
There’s always a game that carries a are bit of added pressure and thing falls flat. But with the playoffs in sight San Diego wins a very nervy, close contest.

24/12 @ Oakland Raiders (9-5)
These trips to Oakland always seem really tricky, especially at end of the season. Yikes. Christmas Eve too. I think we take another edgy one.

3/1 @ Denver Broncos (10-5)
A lot might depend on how the playoff places are looking. Still, I can’t see us winning both games against Denver. It’ll be Baltic there too.

Season prediction: 10-6
Amazing when you go through the schedule like this, how different it looks to when the fixtures were first announced in the Spring*.

(* You’ll see bloggers use generic terms like “Spring” when they lack either the time or inclination to check the actual month. I fall into the latter category.)

Might be enough for the post-season, might not be. There’s real opportunities in that schedule to improve on 10-6 but I’m probably too much of a pessimist to see that happening. And there’s serious luck required in terms of injuries (both for us and for our opponents). But we’re good enough to be in the mix at least. And that’s something I guess.

As I said at the start of the piece, these predictions are a bit of a nonsense and will be forgotten come the week 1 kick-off, but sure it’ll be interesting to see how ridiculously far off they were come January.

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